MD-NEXT v2.0.3.2100 Recover Lost Files from Smartphones, Drones, TVs, and More!

MD-NEXT v2.0.3.2100 is a tool for mobile data extraction from smartphones, supports a lot of mobile devices, and more. Featuring advanced physical and logical extraction methods, it supports major global and Chinese manufacturers.

MD NEXT V2.0.3.2100 Recover Lost Files from Smartphones Drones TVs and More

Key Features: MD-NEXT

Comprehensive Mobile Data Collection Tool:

  • Supports data collection from a diverse range of global smartphone manufacturers (Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, ZTE, etc.).
  • Extensive support for high-volume models from Chinese manufacturers (Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc.).
  • Capable of extracting data from IoT devices, AI speakers, smart TVs, and drones.

Advanced Physical Extraction Capabilities:

  • It supports multiple extraction methods, including Bootloader, Fastboot, MTK, QEDL, Custom Image Android Root, iOS Physical, DL, JTAG, Chip-off, SD Card, and Removable Media.
  • ADB Pro Extraction: Utilizes exploits on Android-based devices for data acquisition.
  • Includes JTAG Pin Map Viewer and AP connection scanning for precise drone data extraction (DJI Phantom, Mavic, Parrot, Pixhawk).
  • AI Speaker Chip Extraction: Supports devices like Amazon Echo, Kakao Mini, and Naver Clova.
  • Wide compatibility with physical data reader hardware such as JTAG Card Reader (MD-BOX), Memory Chip Reader (MD-READER), SD Memory Card Reader, and USIM Card Reader.

Advanced Logical Extraction Capabilities:

  • Supports Android Live, MTP, iOS full file system backup, vendor backup protocol, local backup, and USIM extraction.
  • Enables the extraction and decryption of data from the latest Asian smartphones.
  • Physical extraction via bypass methods (KNOX, FRP/OEM, screen lock) for Samsung Galaxy S/J/A/Note series.
  • Unlock the screen capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S/J/A/Note series.
  • ADB Pro Physical KNOX Bypass for Samsung Galaxy S/J/A/Note series.
  • Vendor Backup Protocol Extraction for Samsung, LG, and Huawei.
  • Local Backup Extraction for Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Gionee.
  • Physical extraction capabilities for Japanese manufacturer models like Sharp and Sony.

Support for the Latest iPhone Logical Extraction:

  • Includes keychain extraction and logical extraction for iPhone models up to XS/XR.
  • Decryption of backed-up data from the latest iOS devices.
MD NEXT V2.0.3.2100 Recover Lost Files from Smartphones Drones TVs and More support

Selective Extraction for Privacy Protection:

  • Allows selective retrieval of partitions, files, categories, and applications.

Special Extraction Features:

  • Supports user-defined extraction methods for unlisted models.
  • Google Cloud Drive has extraction capability.

Useful Extraction Utilities:

  • Automatic identification and decryption of partition tables and encrypted partitions.
  • Automatic firmware restoration and retry after recovery failures.
  • Resume the extraction function.
  • Ability to merge multiple image files (MDF and binary).
  • Extraction from PC backup files for iOS, Samsung, and LG.

Assurance of Evidence and Data Integrity:

  • Write-protection for all evidence data.
  • Supports multiple hashing algorithms (MD5, SHA1/224/256/384/512, RIPEMD128/160/256/320).

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for each extraction method.
  • Recent models are listed for easy selection.
  • Data preview and saving functionalities.

Reporting Features:

  • Extract information, including hash value, time, method, and file name.
  • Generates an “extracted file list” with hash values for each file.

MD-NEXT v2.0.3.2100: Setup and Activation Guide

Follow these steps to set up and activate MD-NEXT:

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  1. Download and Installation:
  1. Setup Installation:
  • Download the setup file and extract it. Replace the files in the installed folder.
  1. Run MD-NEXT:
  • Use the shortcut on your desktop to launch MD-NEXT.exe.
  1. Generate Hardware Key:
  • The hardware key will be copied to your clipboard automatically.
  1. License Key Generation:
  • Open Keygen (WLGen_MD-NEXT.exe) and navigate to the license manager.
  • Add License:
    • Enter Customer Name and Company Name (e.g., Customer Name: [Your Name], Company Name: [Your Company Name]).
    • Paste the hardware ID (right-click to paste).
    • Save the license.
  1. License File Management:
  • Select your user from the list and click “Create License Key.”
  • Right-click on mdnext.dat and copy it.
  • Paste Oxygen.dat into the installed root folder and all other relevant folders (e.g., Data, Device Extractor, Documents).
  1. Additional File Placement:
  • Copy mdnext.dat from the crack zip and paste it into:
    C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\MD-NEXT
  1. Passware Folder Installation:
  • Copy the Passware folder from the provided and paste it into:
    C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\MD-NEXT
  1. Launch MD-NEXT:
  • Run MD-NEXT from your desktop.

Free Download:​ MD-NEXT v2.0.3.2100

File Size: 8.28. GB

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with “MD-NEXT” and cannot offer technical support or advice. Please refer to the official documentation or seek help from the developer community for specific questions and guidance.

Credits: I will include them in the content I create for “MD-NEXT,” so I credit the developer for his hard work.

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