Nusantara NUT Pro Tool JDV v1.0.4: Premium Nusantara Unlock Tool End-of-Year for free Gift

The Nusantara NUT Pro Tool JDV v1.0.4 is a premium Nusantara Unlock Tool that provides features for flashing, unlocking, repairing, and resetting Android devices. If you’re looking to flash XML and patch files on Qualcomm devices, flash Scatter.txt files on MediaTek devices, unlock bootloaders, remove FRP locks, repair IMEI numbers,

Perform factory resets and passcode resets, this toolkit has got you covered. With additional features like reading and writing device information, saving formatted data and cache, and bypassing authentication for bootloader and Brom mode, the Nusantara NUT Pro Tool is for all your Android device needs.

Key Specifications Nusantara NUT Pro JDV v1.0.4

Nusantara NUT Pro Tool JDV v1.0.4


  • Flash XML and patch files on Qualcomm devices through EDL mode
  • Flash Scatter.txt files on MediaTek devices
  • Flash stock ROMs, custom ROMs, and kernels


  • Remove FRP locks (Factory Reset Protection)
  • Unlock bootloaders
  • Disable Mi accounts


  • Repair IMEI numbers
  • Fix Qualcomm preloaders
  • Resize user data partitions

Additional Features:

  • Factory reset devices
  • Read and write device information
  • Save formatted data and cache
  • Bypass authentication for bootloader and Brom mode

Supported Brands and Devices:

Nusantara NUT Pro JDV v1.0.4 range of brands and devices, including:

  • Xiaomi
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Realme
  • Infinix
  • Tecno
  • OnePlus
  • PocoPhone
  • iQOO
  • Honor
  • Doogee
  • Micromax
  • LG
  • Duoqin
  • Gionee
  • BLU
  • Oukitel
  • Nokia
  • Lenovo
  • HTC
  • TCL
  • Ulefone
  • Blackview
  • Sony
  • Umidigi
  • ZTE
  • Cubot
  • Coolpad
  • Alcatel
  • Asus
  • Intex
  • XOLO
  • Telefono
  • InFocus
  • Meizu
  • Karbonn
  • BlackZone
  • mPhone
  • Panasonic
  • Videocon
  • Wiko
  • Energizer
  • itel
  • Vernee
  • Yuho

Main Features: Of Nusantara NUT Pro JDV v1.0.4

Flash Tab Section:

  1. Qualcomm Flash Raw Image XML File or Patch File:
    • Use this feature to flash Qualcomm devices using a raw image XML file or a patch file.
  2. MediaTek Flash Scatter.txt File Flash in MTK Mode:
    • Flash MediaTek devices using a Scatter.txt file.
  3. Fastboot Mode Flash.bat:
    • Flash devices in fastboot mode using a.bat file.
  4. Enable Network:
    • Enable network connectivity on a device.
  5. Repair GPT:
    • Repair the GPT partition on a device.
  6. Resize user data.
    • Resize the user-data partition.
  7. Read/Write Eras:
    • Read from or write to the erase partition.
  8. Read Info:
    • Retrieve information about a device.
  9. Write:
    • Write data to a device.

[BROM] Section:

  1. Remove FRP:
  2. Erase UserData:
  3. Remove Mi Account:
  4. Fix Preloader:
  5. Save Format Data (Old, New):
  6. Save Format Data Cache:
  7. Save Gallery:
  8. Bypass Auth Preloader:
  9. Bypass Auth Brom Mode:

[Auto] Section:

  1. Remove FRP [Old, New]:
  2. Remove Mi Cloud:
  3. Factory Reset:
  4. Factory Reset and FRP:
  5. Factory Reset [NEW]:
  6. Factory Reset + FRP [new]:
  7. Save Format Wipe Data:
  8. Save Wipe Data Cache:
  9. Save Format Save Gallery:
  10. Unlock Bootloader:
  11. Relock Bootloader:

Features available in the [META-Unlock] section of Nusantara NUT Pro JDV v1.0.4:

  1. Factory Reset:
  2. Format Data:
  3. Format Wipe Data:
  4. Format: Wipe Data Cache:
  5. Format Save Gallery:
  6. Reset FRP:
  7. Reset EFS:
    • The EFS partition on a devices IMEI numbermodem firmware, and NVRAM settings.
  8. Unlock Bootloader:
    • Unlocking the bootloader allows you to:
      • Flash custom ROMs
      • Install custom kernels
  9. TEMP Unlock Mi Account:
    • Temporarily unlock a Mi account on a device.
    • Useful scenarios include:
      • Forgotten Mi account password.
  10. Direct Disable Mi Account:
    • Permanently disables a Mi account on a device.
    • Common use cases:
      • Device sale: Unlink the device from your Mi account.
      • no longer using your Mi account.

IMEI Repair:

  • This feature allows you to repair the IMEI number on your device.
  • IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique identifier for mobile devices.
  • You can repair the IMEI number for either the first (IMEI 1) or second (IMEI 2) SIM card on your device.
  • Additionally, you can use the Write IMEI option to write the IMEI number back to your device.

Flashing MediaTek Section:

Universal: Feature Nusantara NUT Pro JDV v1.0.4

  • Contains various universal features, including:
    • Reading information about the device.
    • Erasing NVRAM 
    • Removing FRP 
    • Unlocking and relocking the bootloader
    • Backing up and restoring NVRam

Functions Qualcomm:

  • Specifically designed for Qualcomm devices.
  • Includes features such as:
    • Factory reset the device.
    • Resetting FRP
    • Resetting EFS 
    • Unlocking the bootloader


  • Offers repair-related features:
    • IMEI repair for both SIM1 and SIM2.
    • Enabling multi-SIM using QCN (Qualcomm Calibration Network)
    • Reading and writing QCN files

[SPD Functions] Section:

  • Contains the following features:
    • Reset FRP: Used to reset the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on a device.
    • Factory Reset: Performs a factory reset on the device.

[Samsung MTP] Section:

  • Includes options for Samsung devices in MTP mode:
    • MTP Open YouTube: This option allows you to open YouTube on a Samsung device that is in MTP mode.
    • MTP Alliance Shield: Use this option to enable the Alliance Shield on a Samsung device in MTP mode.
    • MTP Open Browser: This option opens a web browser on a Samsung device in MTP mode.
    • MTP Open Google Map: Use this option to open Google Maps on a Samsung device in MTP mode.

How to Install the Nusantara NUT Pro Tool:

Nusantara NUT Pro Tool JDV v1.0.4 setup
  1. Download and extract the USB (RAR) file on your computer.
  2. Run the NUT_PRO_TOOL.exe setup file.
  3. It will prompt a User Account Control page for permission. Tap Yes.
  4. Next, click on Install Now in the USB installation window.
  5. A Windows security message will pop up on the screen. Click on Install.
  6. Finally, a successful message will appear. Just tap on the Finish button.

Free Download Nusantara NUT Pro Tool JDV v1.0.4

File Name:Nusantara NUT Pro Tool JDV v1.0.4.7z
File Type:Free
Release:November 25, 2023
Date Added:November 28, 2023
File Size:300.MB
Credits:Nusantara NUT Pro Tool: tool developer: All credits: Tool developer
Categories:Nusantara Unlock Tool
Guideline Tutorial:How to flash Rom Using SP_Flash_Tool
How to download:To Guideline Download All File HERE
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