MTK Factory Reset, Unlock, and Repair with B-GSM MTK Tool v1.0 (FREE!)

Unlock, repair, and reset your Redmi (MTK) device with B-GSM MTK Tool v1.0. Enjoy factory resets, safe formatting for older models, and FRP lock removal. Unlock your device’s bootloader for customization and access advanced features.

Safeguard critical data with NV backup and restoration. Resolve dual IMEI issues and specific bootloader unlock problems for Redmi IOA and Redmi 9A. Download now for free!

Your Redmi MTK Factory Reset, Unlock, and Repair with B-GSM MTK Tool v1.0 FREE

Key Features

  1. Factory Reset:
  2. Safe Format (Old Models):
  3. Erase FRP (Factory Reset Protection):
  4. Unlock Bootloader:
  5. Backup NV (Non-Volatile) Data:
  6. NV Restore:
  7. Dual IMEI Fix:
    • Resolve dual IMEI issues on Redmi 9A, Redmi G, Redmi IOA, and Redmi LOX devices.
  8. Redmi IOA and Redmi 9A Unlock Bootloader Fix:
    • Address bootloader unlock issues specific to these models.

How To Use B-GSM MTK Tool v1.0 Dev By 2024

  1. Download:
    • Download the B-GSM MTK Tool v1.0 from this website and ensure a stable internet connection.
    • Follow the instructions to complete the download.
  2. Installation:
    • Extract the downloaded zip archive.
    • Disable your antivirus temporarily.
    • Run the installation file as an administrator (B-GSM MTK Tool.exe).
    • Install any required drivers if they are not already installed.
  3. Connect Your Phone:
    • Connect your Redmi device.
    • Execute the desired task using the tool.

Full Specifications

File Size:
File Type
Guideline Tutorial:
How to download:
RAR Password:
Developed By:
442. MB
Free Download
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Guidelines for Downloading All Files:

Other OS Support:

Additional Requirements:

USB Drive Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11


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Free Download:​ B-GSM-MEDIATEK-TOOL-v1.0.rar

Credits: I will include them in the content I create for the B-GSM MTK Tool v1.0 so that the Bouba Team can be properly credited for their hard work.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the B-GSM MTK Tool and cannot offer technical support or advice. Please refer to the official documentation or seek help from the developer community for specific questions and guidance.

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