TSM Tool Pro Turbo Service Mobile Tool v1.0.7 5G Samsung/Xiaomi Support (Beta) & more

Unlock your Samsung device’s full potential with TSM Tool Pro v1.0.7 New loaders have been added for Galaxy S23, Z Flip 4, A52, and more. Includes improved Samsung flashing, new Xiaomi/Moto 5G support, and bug fixes.

TurboServiceMobile V1.0.7 Enjoy Arabic language support, including theme installation and keyboard options. Samsung users can fix baseband issues, disable hands-free activation and OTA updates, and change USB modes via ADB. LG users can also disable hands-free activation and more.

TSM Tool Pro Turbo Service Mobile Tool V1.0.7 5G SamsungXiaomi Support (Beta) & more
TSM Tool Pro Turbo Service Mobile Tool V1.0.7 5G SamsungXiaomi Support (Beta) & more

New Features:

  • Arabic Language Support:
    • Install Arabic 6–14 via theme
    • Remove Arabic 6–14 via theme
    • Install Arabic keyboard
    • Added new language to TSM Tool: Arabic
  • Samsung Features:
    • 3 Methods to fix baseband via download mode
    • Disable Hands Free Activation
    • Disable OTA Update
    • Change USB Mode via ADB:
      • DIAG
      • MTP
      • PTP
      • DM-MODEM-ADB
  • LG Features:
    • Disable Hands Free Activation
  • OnePlus:
    • Open Diagnostic Menu
  • Motorola Models OneClick 3G Enable:
    • XT1765, XT1921-8, XT1922, XT1952, XT1955, XT1962, XT2005, XT2041, XT2043, XT2045, XT2052, XT2093, XT2113DL, XT2115DL, XT2117, XT2131

Qualcomm New Models (Read/Write Firmware/Erase FRP):

  • ANS:
    • L50, L51, UL40
  • UMX:
    • U683C, U683CL
  • Huawei:
    • BKK-series: BKK-AL10, BKK-L22, BKK-LX2
    • DUB-series: DUB-AL20, DUB-L22, and DUB-LX2
    • LDN-series: LDN-L01, LDN-LX2, LDN-TL10, LLD-AL30, LND-AL00, LND-AL40, LND-L23, LND-TL00, LND-TL302
    • TRT-series: TRT-A1, TRT-AL00, TRT-L01, TRT-L03, TRT-L21, TRT-L22, TRT-L23, TRT-L53, TRT-LX1, TRT-LX2, TRT-LX3, TRT-TL00, TRT-TL10

MediaTek New Models (Read/Write Firmware/Erase FRP):

  • Samsung (Brom Mode):
    • SM-A215U, SM-A215U1, SM-A215W, SM-A125F, SM-A125M, SM-A125N, SM-A125U, SM-A326B, SM-A326B/DS, SM-A326BR/DS, SM-A326BR, SM-A326U, SM-A326W, SM-A226B, SM-A226B/DS, SM-A226B/DSN, SM-A022F, SM-A022M, SM-A315F, SM-A315G, SM-A315N, SM-A325F, SM-A415F, SM-M013F, SM-M017F, SM-M022G, SM-M022M, SM-E426B, SM-E426B/DS, SM-M326B, SM-M326B/DS, SM-A013F, SM-A013G, SM-A013M
  • LG (Brom Mode):
    • LM-Q730TM, LM-Q730AM, LM-Q730MM, LM-Q730HA, LM-Q730BAW, LM-Q730QM5, LM-Q730QN, LM-Q710RA, LM-Q710YAW, LM-Q710YMW, LM-Q710ZM, LM-Q710EM, LM-Q710FA, LM-Q710FM, LM-Q710GX, LM-Q710HSW, LM-Q710NAW, LM-Q710HS, LM-Q710YBW, LM-Q710ZA, LM-K300CMR, LM-K300UM, LM-K300QM6, LM-K300AM, LM-K300MM, LM-K525BMW, LM-K520BMW, LM-Q630EA, LGLM-Q630HA, LM-K500QM, LM-K500QN, LM-K500QM6, LM-K500QM5, LM-K510BMW, LM-X520EMW, LM-X520HM, LM-X540BMW, LM-X540EMW, LM-X540HM, LM-X540ZMW, LM-K420BMW, LM-K420YM, LM-K420YMW, LM-K410EMW, LM-K410FMW, LM-K410HM, LM-X430EMW, LM-X430HM, LM-X430ZMW, LGLM-K510HM, LM-X420HM, LM-X410FC, LGLM-X525HM, LM-X525EAW, LM-X525HA, LGLM-K520HM, LGLM-X120HN, LM-Q520N, LGLM-K300QM, LGLM-K410BZMW, LM-Q510N, LGLM-Q730QM, LGLM-X520BMW, LM-X410FO, LGLM-X510S, LGLM-X525BAW, LGLM-Q630N, LGLM-X525ZAW, LGLM-X525ZA, LM-Q630H, LGLM-K400AK, LGLM-K420HMW, LM-Q310N, LGLM-K420EMW, LGLM-K520EMW, LM-X420EM, LGLM-K520HMW, LGLM-K510ZMW, LGLM-X510S, LGLM-K510EMW, LGLM-X525PR
  • Huawei (Brom Mode):
    • TIT-series: TIT-AL00, TIT-L01, TIT-TL00, TIT-U02
    • MYA-series: MYA-AL00, MYA-L02, MYA-L03, MYA-L11, MYA-L13, MYA-L22, MYA-L23, MYA-L41, MYA-TL00, MYA-U29
    • LUA-series: LUA-L01, LUA-L02, LUA-L03, LUA-L13, LUA-L21, LUA-L21 V2, LUA-L22, LUA-L23, LUA-U03, LUA-U22
    • LYO-series: LYO-L01, LYO-L02, LYO-L21
    • JMM-series: JMM-A-L00, JMM-L22
    • CUN-series: CUN-L01, CUN-L03, CUN-L21, CUN-L22, CUN-L23, CUN-L33, CUN-U29
    • CRO-series: CRO-L22, CRO-U00
    • DRA-series: DRA-AL00, DRA-L01, DRA-L02, DRA-L21, DRA-L22, DRA-LX2, DRA-LX3, DRA-LX5, DRA-LX9
    • DUA-series: DUA-A-L00, DUA-L22, DUA-TL00
  • Vivo (Brom Mode):
    • Y76s 5G, Y21 2021, Y19, Y12s, Y3s 2021, Y15a, Y15s, Y15 2019, Y72 5G, Y52 5G, Y52s, Y20, Y30, Y33s, Y12, Y11, Y17, Y91i, Y91c, Y93, Y20G, Y83, V21e 5G, Y71T 5G, Y31s, S9e 5G, Y54s 5G, Y76 5G, T1x, Y81i, Y85, IQOO Z5x, S10e, Y1s, IQoo Z1, S10, S10 Pro, S9 5G, S1, Y52s, S7e, Y73s, X60t, V23e, V2026, T1x 5G, S9, X70 5G, X70 Pro
  • Oppo (Brom Mode):
    • A53s 5G, A55 5G, A56 5G, A5s, A9, A91, A9x, A54 4G, A75, A75s, A77, A79, A71, A7n, A71s, A85, A83, A8, A15, A15s, A31, A35, A16, A12, A12s, K7x, K9x, A11k, A1, K9 Pro, A92s, A93, A93s 5G, K9x, F3, F9, F11, F11 Pro, F13 Pro, F15, F1S, F17 Pro, F19 Pro, Reno 2F, Reno 2z, Reno7 SE, Reno4 SE, Reno4 Z 5G, Reno5 Pro, Reno7 SE, Reno 6, Reno 6 Pro, Reno3 Pro, R19
  • Realme (Brom Mode):
    • Q3 Pro, Q3i 5G, V11 5G, V13 5G, V3, V5, X7 Max, X7 Pro, 3, 8 5G, GT Neo 2T, GT Neo Flash, Narzo 30 5G, Q2i, C15, C12, C11, C2, 6i
  • Xiaomi (Brom Mode):
    • Redmi Note 11 5G [EVERGO], Redmi Note 11 Pro/Xiaomi 11i [PISSARRO], Xiaomi 11T [AGATE/AMBER], Redmi Note 9 5G [CANNON], Redmi Note 9 5GT [CANNONG], Redmi Note 8 Pro [BEGONIA], Redmi Note 9/Redmi 10X [MERLIN], Redmi 9C NFC [ANGELICAN], Redmi 6A [CACTUS], Pocophone M2 [SHIVA], Redmi Note 10 5G [CAMELLIA], Redmi 9 India [CATTAIL], Redmi 6 [CEREUS], Redmi 10X Pro 5G [ATOM/BOMB], POCO X3 GT [CHOPIN], Redmi 9A/9T [DANDELION], Redmi 9C/PocoPhone C3 [ANGELICA], Redmi K40 Gaming/POCO F3 GT [ARES], Redmi Note 8 2021 [BILOBA], Redmi 9 [LANCELOT], Mi Play [LOTUS], Redmi Note 10S [ROSEMARY/SECRET], Redmi 10/10 Prime [SELENE]

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed Motorola flasher issues
  • Updated Xiaomi flasher for compatibility with newer firmware

General Improvements:

  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

Instructions: Install the Tool

TSM Tool Pro Turbo Service Mobile Tool V1.0.7 5G SamsungXiaomi Support (Beta) & more
  1. Download and extract:
    • Download and extract the downloaded file. “TSM_SetupV1.0.7.rar” from the link provided.
    • Install the setup file following the basic instructions.
    • Run as an administrator. “TSM_SetupV1.0.7.exe

Free Download:​ TSM Tool Pro v1.0.7

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with “TSM Tool Pro” and cannot offer technical support or advice. Please refer to the official documentation or seek help from the developer community for specific questions and guidance.

Credits: I will include them in the content I create for “TSM Tool Team,” so I credit the developer for his hard work.

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Ali Kasjmi
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TNQ So Much Tool is Very Good And Awesome

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