Download MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL Pro v1.0.08 for use without a dongle.

The latest version of the MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL Pro v1.0.08 is now available for download, and you won’t need a MCT DH Tool dongle. This powerful tool can be used for flashing, backing up, unlocking, repairing, forensic work and more!

When it comes to flashing, with this tool, you get access to the SDM platform, EMMC Test, Adv Option Partition Function, EMMC Stick IC xml, Update. App, and raw firmware. It is suitable for firmware extractions and boot unpack/repack jobs. As well as that, it has specialized functions like QCN backup/restore; Baseband Unknown Fix, Xiaomi DM-Verify; Xiaomi Wi-Fi/Sensor Fix, etc. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also IMEI repair work and even forensic functions such as file explorer; contact recovery, call log recovery, & SMS recovery options included too!

Plus, there are a range of bootloader unlocks available depending on make: Huawei Bootloader Unlock from EDL (including support Step 2 fixes, notifications, themes, etc); Xiaomi Unlock/Bypass Method Improved; Samsung Download Mode Unstable Fix;

Feature Of MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL Pro V1.0.08

MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL Pro V1.0.08

(Auto-detect mode for systems from MTK, Qualcomm, and Hi-Silicon) Flashing

  • On the SDM platform, we offer a variety of flashing options, such as partition settings and EMMC tests. We support Xml,, and Raw Firmware files on EMMC Sticks in order to facilitate the process. In order to ensure successful results, don’t forget that sushi rice is the key element.
  • ADB, Fastboot, QDL9008, DIAG9006, and Qualcomm
  • ADB, Fastboot, and Preloader for Mediatek
  • ADB, Fastboot, and Huawei Comport from HiSilicon
  • Huawei: Android PCU and DB Adapter

Auto-detect UFS Type for flashing

  • APP UPDATE. Huawei USB 1.0 Test Point Mode (World’s First, No Need for Board Firmware), Direct Flashing through Preloader Mode, and 9008 Mode
  • Without bootloader unlocking, direct Hisilicon flashing (Fastboot)
  • There are several techniques for extracting firmware, including Huawei UPDATE.APP, EMMC RAW Backup to SP FLASHTOOL Extract (MTK), Qualcomm board firmware, Hi-silicon board firmware, and many others.
  • Fixing invalid EMMC data backups is a first-ever.
  • (View suitable EMMC CID for replacing EMMC.) Preloader Analyzer
  • MTK Download Agent Analyzer (see the appropriate EMMC CPU values for DA)

Backup (Auto-detect mode for systems from MTK, Qualcomm, and HiSilicon)

  • Qualcomm: QDL9008, DIAG9006, ADB
  • ADB, MediaTek HiSilicon preloaders: ADB and Fastboot
  • You can also count on us to provide reliable backing services, including SDM Platform backups and EMMC backups.
  • (EMMC RAW, SP FLASH TOOL, BOARD File, ORDINARY Backup, FASTBOOT Firmware) Several backup methods
  • Auto-detect UFS Type (Backup entire partitions)
  • (First in the world) Hi-silicon Backup

Features: Repair (MTK, Qualcomm, and HiSilicon platforms)

  • Read and direct bootloader unlock (Hi-silicon)
  • Read and unlock the bootloader (Qualcomm, 9008 mode)
  • IMEI, MEID, SN, and Wi-Fi repair Country, Vendor, and Mac
  • Fix the baseband issue
  • Support for flashing and backup using Emate Pro and an EMMC USB stick with built-in root functionality.

MTK Tab Feature:

  • Lenovo A6600+ (A6600A40) FRP Reset, Read/Write Support Oppo A71 (CPH1717) Redmi Note 3 with FRP Reset and Read/Write Support (Hennessy) Read/Write
  • Huawei Y6 Pro Row (TIT-AL00) now has read/write support.
  • Addition of read/write functionality for Kenbo Sun 1 E111
  • Addition of read/write capability for Kenbo Fly 2 (O51).
  • Addition of read/write functionality for the Meizu M5 (611H)
  • Meizu M5 Note (621H) now has read/write support.
  • Oppo F5 Youth (CPH1726) now has read/write support.
  • Addition of read/write capability for the Vivo V5 Lite (Y66).
  • support for more SOCs, such as the MT6582, MT6572, and MT6580, has been expanded.
  • Read-write support for the MT6589 and MT6572 has been added.
  • Read-write support for MT6752 was added.

EMMC Test Tab

  • Qualcomm EMMC Test: ADB, QDL9008, DIAG9006
  • ADB, Preloader Mediatek, and Fastboot HiSilicon
  • (HiSilicon, Qualcomm, MTK) EMMC testing
  • EMMC empty test
  • Wipe EMMC, but leave the partition table alone.
  • completely default
  • Format and erase user data.
  • Clear and format the cache
  • Delete NV data
  • Make extension userdata fixes

Qualcomm Tab Support:

  • Features of account unlocking: Mi Account Unlock Test Version (2 Methods):
    • There are two ways to unlock Qualcomm Mi accounts (new accounts are supported, and issues with ineffective sensors have been fixed).
    • Remove FRP (Qualcomm, MTK) from Huawei devices by removing the Huawei ID.
  • General Tab Support:
    • Read pattern and remove userdata area for MTK (Preloader mode), Qualcomm (9008 mode), and Hi (ADB mode)
    • Reset FRP for MTK (Preloader mode) and Hi (Fastboot mode).

Hi-Silicon Flashing:

  • Direct flashing of on Hi-Silicon devices without bootloader unlocking (flashing requires online mode)
  • Flashing DB Adbapter for Hi-Silicon devices

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed activation problems since MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL Pro V1.0.08
  • improved connectivity and backup/restore speed
  • increased dependability and compatibility.
  • corrected time zone issues
  • connections between MTK and Qualcomm have been fixed
  • faster performance for MTK/Qualcomm
  • increased restoration speeds for MTK, Qualcomm, and Hi-Silicon.
  • During Qdl9008 flashing, the bricked state issue was fixed.
  • MTK preloader’s unstable state problem has been fixed
  •’s direct flashing issue has been resolved with the latest emmc (Qcom only).
  • 99% stuck issue when backing up Qcom/Mtk was fixed
  • “Unsupported Interface” problem was fixed
  • The “Preloader” file needed for MTK Read/Write has been fixed.
  • Many small issues were fixed, including the “Invalid Firmware” error for Qualcomm devices.
  • We’ve got you covered, no matter what your issue might be. We have a wide range of unlocking services, including reading patterns, pin brute force operations, password brute force operations, removal of all user locks (without data loss), resetting of all securities, and more! Plus, we provide easy-to-use bootloader unlock features for Vivo, One Plus, Xiaomi and Meizu devices.
  • Qualcomm: QDL9008, DIAG9006, ADB
  • Mediatek: Preloader and ADB
  • Fastboot, ADB, and HiSilicon
  • Reset all user security after reading a pattern
  • Reset the anti-theft lock.
  • Remove privacy Lock
  • More SOCs have been added to support, such as those from ZTE, Lenovo, Vivo, and Mi
  • updated DA files for fresh Qualcomm devices.
  • More assistance is needed for several Qualcomm devices.
  • flashing on Qualcomm devices using the PCUI interface

Follow these steps to Use the MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL Pro V1.0.08:

  1. They should first be downloading MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL V1.0.08.rar.
  2. Extract the downloaded file in your Folder location.
  3. Run the “MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL Pro V1.0.08.exe” file after opening the extracted folder.
  4. To finish the installation process,
  5. Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable once the installation is finished.
  6. Enjoy!

Download MCT Dauk Hywee TOOL

File Size: 887. MB RAR: Password:

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