(Free Download) Haafedk Free Tool v3.4 for Bypass iCloud Activation iOS 15/16

Haafedk Free Tool v3.4 is powerful software that bypasses iCloud activation on iOS 15/16 devices.  Features: This tool allows you to check device compatibility, read iCloud information,

generate activation hello messages, erase all data, activate hello screens, backup passcodes, boot devices into different modes, change serial numbers, run devices in hidden diagnostic mode, and much more.

Free Download Haafedk Free Tool v3.4 for Bypass iCloud Activation iOS 1516

What’s the new update details for HaaFedk iCloud v3.4?

  • Fix Auto-Download Ramdisk
  • Fixed boot issues on some models
  • Fix Auto PWND
  • You can now bypass “Hello” without a signal
  • Passcode bypass with signal support
  • Supports iOS 12 to 16.4 and up
  • Compatible with iPhone 6s and iPhone X only
  • For Wi-Fi devices, the “Hello” bypass requires changing the serial number (SN).

Full Specifications

File Size:
File Type
Guideline Tutorial:
How to download:
RAR Password:
Developed By:
HaaFedk iCloud Free-3.4.7z
295. MB
Free Download
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Guidelines for Downloading All Files:

Other OS Support:

Additional Requirements:

USB Drive Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11


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EMMC Dongle User Needs EMMC UFS Card

MediaTek, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, Samsung, Kirin, Huawei, Rockchip,
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Features: Haafedk Free Tool v3.4

Device Management:

  • Check Device
  • Read iCloud Info
  • Generate Activation Hello
  • Erase All Data iOS (15/16)
  • Hello, activate iOS (15/16)
  • Passcode Backup
  • Passcode Activate:
  • Boot Device
  • Erase iDevice
  • Change SN
  • Boot Purple
  • Load ports
  • Select the port number.
  • Jailbreak Checkra1n
  • Fix Diag Recovery
  • Factory Reset
  • Activate Tool Free.
  • SN/Registration Free


  • Bypass iCloud activation
  • Reset your device
  • Customize your Hello Screen
  • Manage your device data
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Free to use

Supported iPhone models.

  • iPhone 6 (passcode)
  • iPhone 6 Plus (passcode)
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

Supported iPad models.

  • iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi (A1566)
  • iPad Air 2 4G (A1567)
  • iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi (A1538)
  • iPad Mini 4 4G (A1550)
  • iPad 5 2017 Wi-Fi (A1822)
  • iPad 5 2017 4G (A1823)
  • iPad 6 (2018) Wi-Fi (A1893)
  • iPad 6 2018 4G (A1954)
  • iPad 7 2019 Wi-Fi (A2197)
  • iPad 7 2019 4G (A2198) (A2200)
  • iPad Pro 10.5 Wi-Fi (A1701)
  • iPad Pro 10.5 4G (A1709) (A1852)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen Wi-Fi (A1670)
  • 2nd generation iPad Pro 12.9 4G (A1671) (A1821)
  • iPad Pro 9.7 Wi-Fi (A1673)
  • iPad Pro 9.7 4G (A1674) (A1675)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 Wi-Fi (A1584)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 4G (A1652)

Operating System Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

How to Install HaaFedk iCloud Free v3.4:

(Free Download) Haafedk Free Tool v3.2 for Bypass iCloud Activation iOS
  1. Download and extract the USB (RAR) file on your computer.
  2. Run the HaaFedk iCloud Free v3.4.exe setup file.
  3. It will prompt a User Account Control page for permission. Tap Yes.
  4. Next, click on Install Now in the USB installation window.
  5. A Windows security message will pop up on the screen. Click on Install.
  6. Finally, a successful message will appear. Just tap on the Finish button.

Free Download:​ CS Tool v1.60: Chinese Smartphone Tool

Credits: I will include them in the content I create for Haafedk so that Haafedk can be properly credited for their hard work.

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Video Tutorial: Haafedk iCloud Free Bypass Tool v3.4


HaaFedk iCloud Free Bypass v3.4 is a powerful tool that can help you unlock your iPhone’s. With its user-friendly interface and features, this software allows you to bypass iCloud activation, reset your device, customize your Hello Screen, and manage your data.


Is Haafedk iCloud Free Bypass v3.4 safe to use?

Yes, Haafedk is a safe and reliable tool developed by experienced programmers. It has been extensively tested and verified to ensure its safety and security.

Does Haafedk work on all iPhones?

Haafedk is compatible with a wide range of iPhones, including newer models running iOS 15 and 16. it’s always recommended to check device compatibility before proceeding.

Is there any risk of data loss using the Haafedk Free Tool v3.4?

Haafedk Free Tool v3.4 is designed to be safe; it’s always important to back up your data before performing any operations that involve data erasure or modification.

What are the minimum system requirements for Haafedk Free Tool v3.4?

Haafedk Free Tool v3.4 is compatible with the following operating systems:
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows 11

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