GenPro Tool v2.02.23: Free Unlock Tool for Phones (SPD MediaTek & Qualcomm)

Unlock your SPD, MediaTek, or Qualcomm device with GenPro Tool v2.02.23. Features include removing FRP, erasing user data, removing Mi Account, fixing preloaders, saving format data, and bypassing authentication in preloader & brom modes.

GenPro Tool v2.02.23 removes FRP, Mi Cloud, and factory resets. Save and wipe data, cache, and galleries. Unlock or relock bootloaders, and repair or write an IMEI

Easy for flashing using GenPro Tool v2.02.23 for MediaTek devices. Features include reading information, erasing NVRAM, removing FRP, performing factory resets, unlocking and relocking bootloaders, and backing up and restoring NVRAM.

Unlock your Qualcomm device with the GenPro Tool. factory resets, reset FRP and EFS, unlock bootloaders, disable or patch Mi Cloud, repair IMEI for both SIM slots, and enable multi-SIM functionality with QCN operations.

GenPro Tool v2.02.23: Free Unlock Tool for Phones (SPD MediaTek & Qualcomm)

Unlocking Your Device’s


  • Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  • Erase User Data
  • Remove Mi Account
  • Fix Preloader
  • Save Format Data (Old, New)/ Cache / Gallery
  • Bypass Auth (Preloader & Brom Mode)


[META: Unlock]:

  • Factory Reset, Format Data, Wipe Data/Cache/Gallery


Flashing Made Easy: MediaTek Functions


  • Read Info:
  • Erase NVRAM
  • Remove FRP [NEW]
  • Factory Reset, Unlock/Relock Bootloader
  • Backup/Restore NVRAM
  • Unlock and Relock Bootloaders

Qualcomm Functions:


  • Factory Reset, Reset FRP, and Reset EFS:
  • Unlock Bootloader:
    • [TAM] Unlock MI Cloud / [Distri] Disable MI Cloud / [TAM] Patch Unlock Mi Cloud / [Distri] Patch Disable MiCloud:


  • IMEI Repair (Both Sim1 & Sim2): Restore or modify IMEI for both SIM slots.
  • Enable Multi Sim using QCN / Read QCN / Write QCN / Write IMEI:

SPD (Spreadtrum) Functionality:

  • Reset FRP, Factory Reset

Instructions: Install the Tool

Install PL Tool V1.0 Multi Device Unlock and Repair Tool
  1. Download and extract:
    • Download and extract the downloaded file. “GenPro Tool v2.02.23 5.0.rar” from the link provided.
    • Install the setup file following the basic instructions.
    • Run as an administrator. “GenPro Tool\gen_pro_tool.exe

Free Download:​ GenPro Tool v2.02.23

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with “GenPro Tool” and cannot offer technical support or advice. Please refer to the official documentation or seek help from the developer community for specific questions and guidance.

Credits: I will include them in the content I create for “GenPro Team,” so I credit the developer for his hard work.

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