Free Android Repair Tool: FENIX UTILITY v1.3 Fixes Xiaomi, ADB & Fastboot Issues

FENIX UTILITY v1.3 offers free tools for Xiaomi, ADB, & Fastboot. Flash firmware, fix MDM, bypass Claro, reset EFS, & more

Free Android Repair Tool FENIX UTILITY v1.3 flash xiaomi fastboot
Free Android Repair Tool FENIX UTILITY v1.3



  • flash custom ROMs, recover from issues, and manage boot partitions.
  • Convert IMEI numbers to fix network problems.
  • Fix System Destroyed Repair corrupted system partitions.


  • Enable Diag Root V2: Access hidden features and advanced configurations.
  • Bypass Claro MDM: Break free from carrier restrictions.
  • Fix the Lost Telephone Application: Reclaim control over your phone settings.
  • SPR Enable APN: Configure Sprint internet access effortlessly.


  • Unlock Bootloader Methods: Gain full control over your device.
  • Advanced ADB Utilities: Enable diagnostic mode, manage FRP, disable OTA updates, and more.
  • Fastboot Utilities: Reset EFS partitions, manage boot partitions, and address network issues.

Version Overview

Let’s dive into the key features of each version:


  1. Xiaomi Fastboot Flasher Panel:
    • Simplify the process of flashing Xiaomi devices in fastboot mode.
    • Ideal for installing custom ROMs, recovering, or fixing boot issues.
  2. IMEI Utility:
    • Decimal to Byte Conversion: Convert IMEI numbers from decimal format to byte representation.
    • Useful for troubleshooting network-related problems.
  3. ADB Utility:
    • Enable Diag Root V2 for (MDM Modem): Enable diagnostic mode for MDM modems.
    • Bypass Claro MDM: Bypass Claro mobile device management restrictions.
    • Fix Moto Cricket Lost Telephone Application (MDM): Resolve issues related to Cricket carrier settings.
    • Moto SPR Enable APN: Configure APN settings for Sprint devices.
  4. Fastboot Utility:
    • Qcomm Reset EFS 1 and 2: Reset EFS partitions on Qualcomm devices.
    • Set Boot A and B (Fix Fastboot): Manage boot partitions.
    • Xiaomi Fix System Destroyed: Repair system corruption.
    • Generic Unlock Bootloader Methods: Unlock bootloaders using different techniques.


  1. IMEI Utility:
    • Convert IMEI to HEX and HEX to IMEI: Handy Tools for IMEI Manipulation.
  2. ADB Utility:
    • Enable Diag Root: Enable diagnostic mode.
    • FRP (Factory Reset Protection): Bypass Google account verification.
    • Disable OTA: Prevent over-the-air updates.
    • Huawei Fix Error Sim: Troubleshoot SIM card issues.
  3. Fastboot Utility:
    • Moto Qcomm Fix Network: Address network-related problems on Moto devices.
    • Moto Disable Commserver: Disable communication server.
    • Factory Reset and Factory Reset 2: Wipe device data.
    • Flash Boot Root: Install root access.
    • FRP: Bypass Factory Reset Protection.


  1. Remote Rent Tool Panel: Explore remote management options.
  2. Utility Menu: Access various utilities.
  3. IMEI Utility:
    • IMEI Generator: Create valid IMEI numbers.
    • Xiaomi Enable Diag with APK: Enable diagnostic mode via APK.
  4. ADB Utility:
    • Read Info: Retrieve device information.
    • Reboot Options: Reboot into different modes.
  5. Fastboot Utility:
    • Read Info Xiaomi and Huawei: Gather device details.
    • Reboot System: Reboot the device.
    • MTK Erase NV ram + NV data and MTK Erase Full NV: Manage NVRAM data on MediaTek devices.

Full Specifications

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Fenix Utility v1.3.7z
18. MB
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USB Drive Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11


Mobile Flashing Unlocking Software, Firmware Stock ROM, High-quality USB cables,
EMMC Dongle User Needs EMMC UFS Card

MediaTek, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, Samsung, Kirin, Huawei, Rockchip,
Broadcom, iPhone USB Drivers Installer Final v1, EMMC Dongle Card Drive

Free Download:​ Fenix Utility v1.3.7z

Credits: I will include them in the content I create for the Fenix Utility v1.3 so that Fenix Team can be properly credited for their hard work.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with FENIX UTILITY and cannot offer technical support or advice. Please refer to the official documentation or seek help from the developer community for specific questions and guidance.


What is FENIX UTILITY v1.3 primarily used for?

FENIX UTILITY v1.3 simplifies the process of flashing Xiaomi devices in fastboot mode and offers various utilities for tasks such as installing custom ROMs, recovering devices, fixing boot issues, converting IMEI numbers, enabling diagnostic mode, and managing boot partitions.

What specific features does the ADB Utility in FENIX Utility v1.3 offer?

The ADB Utility in FENIX UTILITY v1.3 offers features such as enabling Diag Root V2 for MDM modems, bypassing Claro mobile device management restrictions, resolving Cricket carrier settings issues, and configuring APN settings for Sprint devices.

Can FENIX UTILITY v1.3 assist in troubleshooting network-related problems?

Yes, FENIX UTILITY v1.3 includes utilities like Qualcomm Reset EFS, which allows users to reset EFS partitions on Qualcomm devices, addressing network-related problems.

What options does FENIX UTILITY v1.3 provide for managing Xiaomi devices?

FENIX UTILITY v1.3 provides options such as the Xiaomi Fastboot Flasher Panel to simplify flashing in fastboot mode and Xiaomi Fix System Destroyed to repair system corruption on Xiaomi devices.

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